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We know that suddenly losing someone you love can be overwhelming and feel devastating to a family. A common experience is to want to seek an escape, if even for a short time, from everything. In the midst of grief, however, the details and financial burden of trying to plan anything can make a retreat almost impossible. That’s where we want to help – we will take care of all of the details, all you have to do is show up.



  1. a short period of rest or relief from something difficult.
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Our Story

Suddenly losing my husband of 21 years was devastating to my world. Not only did I have to deal with all of the countless financial, government, and legal forms, I had to figure out how to do life for me and my kids without him, all while being enveloped in grief.  I came to a point that I just wanted to run away from everything and find a place to breathe, if only for a few short days, but even trying to plan that was overwhelming.  After many conversations with friends who also lost someone close – a daughter, a father and brother at a young age, a best friend – we found it to be a common experience to try to find a short escape.

With that motivating us, we created Solace – The M L Davis Foundation, for the purpose of providing a place where families could go to find some rest in the midst of their grief without the financial or mental burden of planning a trip.  After extensive searching, we found what is a perfect property in the heart of the Texas hill-country.  With amazing views and quiet isolation just 5 minutes outside of the charming town of Marble Falls, we have created the Solace Retreat.  Our hope is to provide an all-inclusive experience for families to come rest, relax, and hopefully, just breathe.

-Sharron Davis, Executive Director

Our Board of Directors

Solace Board Members
Board of Directors at the Solace Retreat Dedication

Sharron Davis – President, Executive Director

Christine Rahm – Vice President

Kami Cargile – Secretary

Angie Wren – Treasurer

Kelly Mattix – Member

Holly Souder – Member